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Brewers Infield Defense 2011: Yikes?

Is it just us or does the Brewers 2011 infield defense look, well scary bad? As it sits right now the still defensively challenged but strong leader / slugging second basemen Weeks is the best infield defender, how is that even possible on a MLB club. Look Fielder gives it his all on defense but lets face it he is a little large to be anything more than average at his finest, McGehee is maybe slightly better than Braun was at third (not good), and the newly arrived Betancourt is the worst dang starting defensive shortstop in baseball, to say nothing of having the young Lucroy behind the plate. Yes the Brewers signed CC to back up the infielders but at his age he is hardly a defensive replacement candidate when needed.

It is clear that the Brewers are all in for 2011 after trading their way to one of the best starting pitching rotations in the NL and on paper one of the best Brewers rotations of all time, so their must be more wheeling and signing right? Melvin it would seem you might have forgotten another valuable part of a winning recipe again? You can't have the worst infield defense in baseball and expect to do much, just like you can't have the worst starting pitching. Now if we had to take our pick we would rather have the worst infield defense but that is like asking which way you want to be executed really.

We have never thought Melvin was dumb, just maybe a little stubborn he could find a value pitcher in past off-seasons who didn't totally suck so we expect one more move to upgrade the middle defense. You would think the move has to be for a shortstop like Renteria or Cabrera and our choice would be for Renteria for another veteran leader who is basically a coach on the field. Our creative option is while we are busy mortgaging the future is to pull a NBA move and trade one of our 2011 first round picks and a 2012 supplemental first round pick for a young light hitting but defensively superior shortstop, we will just choose pitchers that smoke, or have their arm fall off anyways;)

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